27 June 2008

Another fine example of Politically Correct idiocy!

Asda have refused to print a baby snap of a woman's son for a 21st birthday cake... because he's naked.

When Gail Jordan asked staff at the Liscard,Wirral branch of Asda, she was told that because of the stores no nudity policy they were unable to make a special birthday cake for her son David's 21st Birthday. They finally allowed her to use the picture after she agreed to a star being placed over the offending bare bottom.

But Miss Jordan said she still believed Asda's policy was too strict.

'You see adverts all the time for things like nappies and baby wipes which feature babies' bottoms, so what's the difference?' she said. 'I just think it's ridiculous that my son's cake had to be censored.

'It's sad that because of the world we live in such an innocent photograph could be misinterpreted as something perverted. It's crazy how politically correct the world has become.'

Her son, who works at a bookmakers, added: 'It's just my bare bum, it's obviously totally harmless. It's stupid that they could suggest something so innocent could be pornographic.'

A spokesman for Asda confirmed its blanket ban on bare flesh.

'We have a policy, as do many other retailers, of no nudity, whatever the age of the subject,' he said. 'In this case we offered a number of alternatives including enlarging and cropping the photo, increasing the border size or applying a strategically placed star to save his blushes'.

To the best of my knowledge babies are born into this world naked. This is entirely natural. That Asda sees the picture of a young infant on a family birthday cake as a pornographic object speaks volumes for their own state of mind. Any normal, well balanced person (98% of us) understands that it is simply harmless fun.

This is yet another seemingly minor example of society being forced down a path of mistrust where humour and harmless mischief are seen to be a sinister cloak for more devious behaviour by the paranoid 2%. The sad thing is that these 2% are starting to control our lives and yet we appear to lack the will to fight back. I think it's time for the pendulum of political incorrectness to start swinging back once again.

Because if you think that was bad enough, you ain't seen anything yet!

According to forthcoming government policies, parents will need permission to kiss their own children in public or to take them to the local swimming pool.

This article describes how one woman was told she couldn't kiss her daughter goodbye on a school trip because she'd not been vetted.

Scary, isn't it?

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Linda J. McPherson said...

Geez I could see banning a frontal shot, but butts are no big deal. I see at least a butt or partial one a day. Don't ask how!