26 June 2008

New UK bill discriminates against white males!

Well this government has finally lost its marbles! Harriet Harman, the Equalities Minister, is about to introduce a Bill that allows positive discrimination out of the bag. It failed in America and it will cause more harm than good here. The Equality Bill before parliament today gives employers the right to choose an ethnic minority candidate or female candidate over another, a white male, specifically because they are an ethnic minority or female. Miss Harman will be keen to stress that businesses will not be compelled to favour the woman or the black candidate, but the law will be changed to ensure they could not be sued for turning down a white man. What is this if not discrimination of a sort?

This is a mistake. A company should recruit on talent and that's that. If it discriminates on grounds of race or gender it is stupid and deserves everything it gets. Positive discrimination is a sure fire way to create resentment and will tend to only increase prejudices, if the Daily Express front page today is anything to go by: 'White men face jobs ban as new law favours ethnic minorities and women'.

Responding to criticism that the plans could discriminate against white men, Harman said "you don't get progress if there isn't a bit of a push forward." So one group suffers while another gets preferential treatment, so much for equality in the workplace.

It's also interesting that Harman is wheeling out the accusation that it's ingrained prejudice in business that is causing the gender pay gap. She must have forgotten the government's own Women and Work Commission, which was quite clear that this was not the overriding problem when it came out in 2006. Rather, it said better education for women was the key. Interesting that it no longer seems to be available on line (or am I just being paranoid?).

It also shows that Harriet Harman has absolutely no understanding of the European Convention on Human Rights(ECHR) and the Human Rights Act(HRA) that brought it into British law. The ECHR and HRA ban any form of discrimination on grounds of race or gender, the first time this new act is challenged in court it will be ruled incompatible with the ECHR and HRA and this will leave the employer who followed the act facing at least a six figure bill and more likely seven!

If the reaction to the headlines in my office is anything to go by, the anger being felt around the country will have serious repercussions and this government is storing up big trouble for itself, just another nail in its coffin and sooner or later the Sword of Damocles will fall. Unfortunately in the meantime, its the country that suffers yet again for their politically correct misguided ideas.

For more information on the new Equality Bill & Harriet Harman click HERE

Harriet Harman is the woman who couldnt wait to implement an EU Directive banning barmaids from being chatted up - bet you didn't know about that one eh?

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