21 June 2008

Pimp My Dish!

These great satellite dishes can be seen on buildings in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The project to ‘pimp’ the dishes is an initiative of a Dutch artist working with school children in an area of the city referred to as ’satellite city’, inhabited predominantly by first and second generation immigrants. In case you were wondering, the hooks on the roof are used all over the city to move furniture in and out of apartments using a rope and pulley, as the staircases are too narrow.

If anyone fancies ‘Pimping’ your own satellite dish SatelliteDishSticker.com sells stickers which allow the signal through, with designs from American stars (but not the stripes!) and Canadian maple leafs to sunflowers and cats. Although based in the Netherlands they do export to the USA & Canada. In the U.K. PimpMyDish.co.uk also provides a good range of designs.

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