22 June 2008

Shannon Found Alive! Missing Schoolgirl found inside bed

March 14, 2008

News reports are just coming in that missing 9 year old schoolgirl Shannon Matthews has been found alive. Shannon, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire went missing 24 days ago, after being last seen leaving a sports centre after a swimming lesson on her way home. She never reached it, but apparently two 12 year old boys saw her sitting on a wall crying her eyes out. She has not been seen since. One of the biggest searches in the countries history has been going on ever since.

It seems to be emerging that police broke in to a flat in Batley, 2 miles from Shannons house and found her in the divan base of a bed. The flat belongs to a local single man who according to reports, refused to let the police in. A 39 year old man has since been arrested. Shannon was seen being brought out of the flat in a policemans arms and appeared calm. Her mother has been driven off in a police car, presumably to be reunited with her daughter.

Latest: A woman neighbour in Lidgate Gardens, who did not want to be named, said rumours in the street suggested that the man who occupied the flat where Shannon was found lived alone and had children who had been taken into care. The woman who lives downstairs from him tipped off police after hearing footsteps, she said.

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