23 June 2008

Want to turn off Snap Shots?

I like Snap Shots, in fact I've used them on this blog for relevent links, but I accept that a lot of people would prefer not to see them on websites and blogs they visit so......

Here’s how to prevent Snap Shot enabled Web sites from popping up those Snap Shot windows:

Go to a Web site that uses Snap Shot

Roll over a link and let Snap Shot go to work

On the pop-up that appears, roll your cursor over the icon in the upper-right corner (the one that looks like a sprocket); it will drop down a menu with “Options” and “Disable”

Click “Options”

On the Options menu that appears, check Disable for “ALL sites”

Click “Save”

In theory, that will stop Snap Shot from working anywhere you find it. In reality, it just slows it down, because Snap Shots always seem to come back at some point.

I think it’s based on cookies, so when you disable Snap Shot like this, it works until you clear your cookies. After clearing your cookies, the “Disable” setting will also be cleared and you’ll have go through this procedure again.

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