26 June 2008

What you need to know about wind turbines as UK Government plans to spend £100 Billion on them

In response to EU requirements, the Government is today publishing its plans for a massive new drive to build thousands of wind turbines, at the staggering cost of £100 Billion. This is to enable them to meet a target set by the EU, which requires Britain within the next 12 years to generate 38 per cent of our electricity from 'renewable' energy sources.

At present, barely 1 per cent of this country's power comes from the 2,000 wind turbines already built - less than the output of a single conventional power station. To comply with the EU's wishes, we would actually need to build at least 30,000 turbines.

In fact, as the Government knows, there is not the remotest chance that we can meet that EU target, which is why it talks about building only 10,500 new turbines - 7,000 offshore, another 3,500 across our countryside. On its own figures, the Government is already implicitly admitting that we shall hopelessly miss our target. Of course, ministers do not tell us that.

But this is only the start of the madness. There isn't, in fact, the faintest chance that we can meet even the Government's own much smaller target. To build those turbines offshore alone would mean lowering 7,000 colossal steel structures into the seabed, each the size of Blackpool Tower, at a rate of more than two every working day between now and 2020. In practical terms alone this is sheer pie-in-the-sky. The technical resources are simply not available to achieve more than a tiny fraction of this figure.

But there is another important point the Government is trying to conceal about this crackpot policy, as it always does when it is talking in Walter Mitty numbers about the supposed benefits of wind power.

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