13 August 2008

Chinese left with egg on face after truth emerges!

Ha! So now it turns out that the pretty little girl singing at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was only miming (despite wearing a mike)- and not even to her own voice. Some poor little seven year old provided the voice but was deemed not pretty enough to project the right image the Communist party head honcho's wanted to portray.

Not only that, parts of the fireworks displays were either recorded earlier or actually graphically created on a computer! This has now all emerged after the Chinese Music Director for the ceremony was interviewed by the state radio station and confessed everything while denying it was his decision to replace the little girl. H had been made to do it he said.

Thats the problem with these types of regimes, image is everything and it's all about saving face. Unfortunately when it all comes out ( and it will, sooner or later - in this case it probably was a bit sooner than they expected) then they are left having to wipe a lot of egg off their faces and people no longer have any trust in them. And all you are left with as an observer is a bad taste in the mouth!

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