8 August 2008

A Few Thoughts on Cat Baths.........by the Cat!

Cat Bath 1
'But You Said You Loved Me!'
Cat Bath 2
'You will pay, as God is my witness, you will pay.'
Cat Bath 3
'You call this water warm???'
Cat Bath 4
'I don't think I like you anymore.'
Cat Bath 5
'You SUCK!!!!!!'
Cat Bath 6
'E.T. phone home......quick!'
Cat Bath 7
'No, I'm not your Good Little Kitty anymore.'
Cat Bath 8
'Traction....I'm losing Traction!'
Cat Bath 9
'I want my Mommmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!'
Cat Bath 10
'No, no, no, no.....NOOOO!!!!'

1 comment:

Linda J. McPherson said...

These pix are the greatest! I've bathed a cat before and it's a dangerous undertaking. The scratches took about a month to heal!