18 August 2008

Jesus appears on Turtle Shell - for sale on eBay!

It would appear the latest appearance of Jesus is on a turtle shell, which has been compared to the face on the Turin Shroud, and it's now on sale on Ebay starting at 99c and already had one bid on it! (Update: bidding has now finished - sold for $34.77!)

To quote the seller "Instead of going to church on Sunday a few months back I very selfishly decided to make some extra needed income at the local flea market.

As I took a break from my booth to do some personal shopping I came across an old lady selling turtle shells. I had never seen anyone selling these things before, so I curiously scattered through the box of hand size turtle shells to see why the heck someone would buy a hollowed out turtle in the first place. So I grabbed a couple of shells and looked at them. I wasn't too interested until I put them down belly side up and I noticed a silhouette of a face...JESUS...the Shroud of Turin Jesus was looking right at me. (Even if you look at the other side you can see a likeliness of Jesus as well).

I thought to myself " MAN! Just because I'd rather make a little extra cash on Sunday instead of going to church, God rubs it in my face by showing his Son's face on a turtle??" So I bought it because I was actually going to get it blessed and make some kind of religious art with it."

If you fancy putting in a bid for it yourself the link is HERE.


Kerry said...

He's gotta be kidding lol I'm not sure who's crazier the seller or the bidder

Anonymous said...

Looks like a giant blob to me. >.>;