20 August 2008

No 10 Downing Street & Jeremy Clarkson for PM video plus Clarkson & the worlds smallest car video!

Staff at No 10 Downing Street have made a YouTube video in response to an online petition on the No 10 website, which had nearly 50,000 signatures backing a call for Motoring broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC programme Top Gear to be made Prime Minister.

The clip thanks everyone who signed the online petition and says officials have "thought long and hard" about it. The camera then pans up the famous Downing Street stairs, showing photographs of former prime ministers, before focusing on an image of Mr Clarkson.

The Jeremy Clarkson for PM petition is now closed but more than 100,000 people have joined a Facebook group calling for the outspoken presenter to be installed in Downing Street.

Mr Clarkson - whose views on motoring and the environment have earned him a cult following - recently confessed he would be a "rubbish" prime minister, adding that the government should be in charge of "building park benches and nothing else".

A new Downing Street petition urging the government not to bestow a knighthood on Mr Clarkson "until he has done something truly worthwhile and of benefit to the UK" has received so far 34 signatures.

For anyone not familiar with Jeremy Clarkson here is a hysterically funny video of him driving the worlds smallest car around the streets of London (not to mention the BBC offices!) If you've never seen this you'll be amazed :-)


skooldays said...

according to webxact
Jeremy Clarkson is to be made Uk Prime Minister...

they have the video response in full, but its reported that the response is an annoyance as it cost the tax payer

not sure on that - lets ask Jeremy!!!


CharmaineZoe said...

The video on webxact is exactly the same 55 second video as the one on here.