5 February 2010

Climate scepticism 'on the rise', BBC poll shows

There has been an increase in the number of British people who are sceptical about climate change, a poll commissioned by BBC News has suggested.

It showed that 25% of those questioned did not think global warming was happening, an increase of 10% since a similar poll was conducted in November.

The percentage of respondents who said climate change was a reality had fallen from 83% in November to 75%.

The poll, based on a sample group of 1,001 adults, was conducted by Populus.

The findings, based on interviews carried out on 3-4 February, show that only 26% of people think "climate change is happening and is now established as largely man-made", only 1% more than those who think there is no global warming.

In November 2009, a similar poll by Populus - commissioned by the Times newspaper - showed that 41% agreed that climate change was happening and it was largely the result of human activities.

Read the whole article and see the graphs HERE

Alaskan Job vacancy . . .Must be fast on your feet!

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This one's my personal favourite - peekaboo!

Isn't it comforting to know that when you are about to become a bear's breakfast your buddy is standing there taking photos?